BAMBI stores are multi-brand stores with assisted service, specialising in children’s footwear from size 18 to 40. In addition to the footwear, there is a complementary range of lightweight clothing, hosiery and accessories which may vary depending on the characteristics of the shop and its location.

We have chosen to concentrate on the high and medium-high market segment and the products included in our offering are selected by professional buyers, focusing on quality and current trends, from companies and brands which reflect this philosophy on the market.

The brands we deal with vary over the seasons, following the natural cycle of each one and you can find the current collection in the dedicated section.

We have added our own proprietary brand to these with the aim of offering a particularly competitive price-quality ratio.

Our daily commitment is to try and offer parents and their children, quality, on-trend products at the right price, with a high level of service in terms of professionalism, courtesy and availability.

We intend to bring the same commitment to the word of e-commerce which marks a new beginning for us in our sixty years of history.

We apologise in advance for anything that may go wrong, and we are always willing to listen and learn from your suggestions and critiques. We assume our responsibilities in the belief that the success of every relationship lies in making the other person happy.